About Us

Odd Eyes Theatre  nurtures beauty in diversity. We make theatre that tells stories about people standing out from the crowd. We look at the world from different angles and use theatre to share unique point of views with equally unique audiences.

Odd Eyes Theatre promotes communication across cultures. By cultural groups we mean people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds as much as those from different nationalities and ethnic groups. We open dialogue through theatre productions, professional development and community programmes.

Our Mission 

Odd Eyes Theatre opens up communication and generates conversations between individuals from diverse cultures, social backgrounds, age groups and walks of life. Through performance, creative journeys and learning opportunities we take audiences, artists and people from a range of different communities on journeys that reflect the lives of real people, into known and unknown cultures, traditions and beliefs. We create exchange, break barriers and celebrate diversity.

By sharing these stories with passion and empathy, we show reality from different perspective and inspire change. We encourage people to explore life with curiosity. We see diverse perspectives and relationships and time and again we see the need to break down the barrier of us and them.

At Odd Eyes Theatre we connect, we communicate and we grow.


To create exciting theatre that challenges common assumptions
and tells stories that aren’t being told

To involve second-language residents who have limited access to the arts

To reach international audiences with theatre that encourages sharing, dialogue
and exchange and that offers new possibilities to society and culture

To encourage the circulation of ideas and values across cultures and micro-cultures

To enable international exchange of artistic skills

To inspire creativity and self-expression

To help people build and maintain their identity

To make people more resilient

Our people

Odd Eyes Theatre artistic team, audience and members share a passion for travelling and experiencing the world outside familiar boundaries. We value art, play, self-development and creative interaction as our life priorities.

With high standard theatre productions and development programmes, Odd Eyes Theatre brings together individuals across the social spectrum. Professionals, students, amateur and professional actors, theatre lovers and creative people from all countries and walks of life offer their experience to create original theatre productions.

Our Community

Since its  inception in 2009, many people with experience of moving outside the boundaries of their original communities have already contributed to Odd Eyes Theatre’ projects by volunteering their time and skills offering their unique creative vision.

By joining Odd Eyes Theatre  everyone, regardless of their ethnic origins and social status, will be able to make their voice heard becoming part of UK’s art scene. Participation to these projects can take many forms: are you a designer, a photographer, a film maker, a stylist? Do you have experience in marketing? Do you know how to run an event and deal with the public? Are you great at public relationships? Do you enjoy cooking, or cycling?

These are just some examples of the skills that you could bring to Odd Eyes. You might be very experienced, or you might wish to develop your CV through volunteering with us.

Find out how to become a member.

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