'A thought-provoking, complex piece of theatre' The Spy in the Stalls

Close Up

Documentary maker Lauren wants to make it on the big networks. Ex-show girl Grace is ready to shoot to fame with the help of her late friend Kenneth Williams.

Conversations about showbiz, sex and ambition bring together two women four generations apart as they work on a fly on the wall documentary.

The first ideas for the play came from questions about censorship. In 1968 the Theatres Act abolished censorship of the theatre paving the way for freedom of speech across all media. Half a century later we are allowed to show and witness the unimaginable. But are we really free to assert our individuality? And if it isn’t government law, what are the systems regulating speech in the post-truth era?

Odd Eyes’ latest piece brings together elements of theatre and live filming, Polari language and music to create a multi-layered experience that will make you question your assumptions about how much freedom we are allowed.

This is a work in progress. We appreciate audience feedback during the post-show Q&A sessions.

Cast and creatives

Written and directed by Emilia Teglia
Film design by Mark Morreaux
Light design by Sherry Coenen
Music composed and directed by Barbara Diana

Produced by Flora Herberich for Odd Eyes Theatre


Gilly Daniels
Sophie Delora Jones
Andrew Goddard

Large image by Jennifer Evans

Image 2 and 3 by David Sprecher


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