When Odd Eyes Theatre started up in London, the aim was to celebrate multiculturalism by carrying out the long British tradition of respect and integration that made the UK Capital one of the most exciting and creative cities in the world.

As the organisation grew, we wanted to share those values with people across the world who, like our founders and members, had experienced a richer and fulfilling life by opening up to other cultures through art.

In the current climate of fear and hate, that peaceful endeavour has become a duty. Odd Eyes’ mission to open up  communication between people from different cultures and social backgrounds and walks of life is now urgent. From workshops with young people, migrants and elder citizens to theatre productions and films created with the community, we work hard to defend and spread those values of cooperation, openness and trust which are vital to the survival of a global culture of solidarity. We need to talk. We need to listen and, by listening, learn to accept.

Any donation will help. You can make a “quick fix” by donating immediately via our secure Paypal button on this page or you can offer an ongoing resource by setting up a direct debit by requesting our bank details – again, any amount will help – and support our work in the long term.


What are you supporting

You can offer a general donation or be more specific about which programme you would like to support.

Theatre productions

  • £20 covers the expenses for one day of volunteering
  • £50 will pay for four hours work of a trainee artist
  • £60 covers 2 hours of rehearsal space hire
  • £100 is the average cost of one month of internet access
  • £500 is the price of a theatre space hire with technical support for one day

Of course, there are several other ways to support us. You could join team Odd Eyes at the Hackney half-marathon or any of your favourite sport events, or you could organise a dinner, a yard sale or a clothes-swap to raise some funds. Perhaps your company Corporate and Social Responsibility guidelines might be happy to match your donation.

Contact us to share ideas about how we could make international theatre voices speak louder.

+44 (0) 20 8986 3721