How Can I Help?

HOW CAN I HELP? was ISCAD’s first community production and played at Chats Palace Arts Centre in July 2012.

Custom-written for ISCAD’s players by Emilia Teglia, “How can I help?” told the story of seven foreign individuals – plus the odd British one! – forced to spend an extraordinary day together as they lock themselves in a fast-food restaurant to protect it from the riots.

Sara had a grip on reality
Mick was on a winning one
Marcelle had a secret in the cupboard
Leoni’s sure to know the truth
Gabriela wouldn’t listen
Julietta wouldn’t shut up
Liz was haunted by memories
Ayo wanted to turn back time – but once you start all over again, where can you go?

Questioning the role of foreign people as “Londoners”, the play dwelled on the evils and goodness of globalisation and talked about the negotiation of cultural spaces in the UK capital for individuals looking to fulfill their life-goals.

The production

How Can I Help? involved 120 volunteers and hundreds of supporters. Professionals and amateurs from many sectors collaborated towards the creation of the set, costumes and music as well as marketing and raising funds to cover the costs of the theatre and rehearsal space.

As you can see from the pictures taken at the fundraising stalls, we were quite busy and we loved it.




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